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Photography Lighting Tips, Triggering Off-Camera Flash Four Ways!

In this video, I talk about four different ways to trigger an off-camera flash. Triggering your flash doesn't need to be expensive or complicated.

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I use a manual flash to keep things simple and demonstrate optical sync, pc-sync, infrared sync and radio sync and demonstrate how easy they are to use.

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Save 10% off your Squarespace website or domain by using the code ADAM

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Bernard Gagnon : AT LAST someone is giving it to me straight: the basics and out goes my errance and confusion. THANK YOU!
Sam Zakhem : Excellent video, done with utmost clarity. Thank you for doing such a good job explaining the differences between these four methods.
Ken Arnold : Great video Adam, missed you on youtube! So far I've gathered a sb700 and yongnuo 560ii for my d7000 and I love off camera flash! I've been triggering the sb700 with the pop up flash and then setting the yongnuo on slave 1 which works fine. I've seen cheaper radio's from cowboy studio that sell the receiver and transceiver for $22. Is there a difference between those and a Pocket Wizard? Which model Wizard do you recommend?
Leah Chandler : Great video! Is it possible to have a radio transmitter on your camera for OCF and also attach a speed light onto your camera? How do you control it and keep a flash on your own camera?
Daniel Norris : I do mostly video work but i want to further my photo skills as well. I am dabbling in action sport photography (Skating and bmx) and was curious about off camera flashes. I would like to have the option to modify the light for certain situations, such as add a slight highlight/backlight during an overcast day just to create some interest. My question is i shoot with the panasonic gh4 in burst mode (12fps) for these sports, can off camera flashes be used for burst photography? The reason i ask is because when ever i watch a video on them or see them being used they always have to charge back up before they can fire again.

Synchronize DATA like cloud storage between 2 PC | NETVN

How to synchronize data like cloud storage between 2 computers Thanks for watching, don't forget like and subscribe at https://goo.gl/LoatZE
Praveen Tadepalli : Nice stuff. Can we syn multiple folders? Can we do mirror image using this?
DimplyBean : Awesome! ❤️ Great advice!
Prabodh Dalvi : Help ful for me . Thanks.
IT Tec : Very good video informative
Mr.M.I .J : Great work

Microsoft OneDrive | OneDrive Sync Explained

In this video we take a look at OneDrive file sync - what it is, why you might use it and how to set it up for OneDrive and SharePoint.

MUSIC: Noir et Blanc Vie by BeeyornandRaysd

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Eddie Walker : The 'Free up space' option in Onedrive sync is good to know about for those people who have limited storage on their device.
Jim Worthington : Good explanation. It would be nice to have a playlist of basic topics and more intermediate and advanced topics. I think this sync engine has improved greatly over the last few years.
Leigh Hedderman : Thanks for this. Would like to see comparison of SharePoint sync vs Add Shortcut to OneDrive.
will dil : Excellent video.. Great for beginners, Thank you!
Mohammed Ansari : Thanks. How about stopping the sync? Can we do that from Teams?




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