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1988 TDK AR 90 Unwrapped and Biased (vs 1982 TDK AD 90)

Today I unwrap a 1988 TDK AR 90 (European version). I will be comparing it to the only year AD I have, which is 1982.
Larry Wilson : I didn't use the AD's a whole lot; I had a couple AD's and a few AD-x's, but mostly SA and higher. I don't think we ever got AR's in the US< but I'm definitely looking to give them a try. Back in the day, TDKs were my go-to tape for just about everything.
teletronikoforever : Very nice and very good quality cassette, along with the AD. I have some 1988 TDK AR 46, 90 and 100, I really like them! I'm still searching for some AR-X but they are pretty rare and expensive...
Pcorf Creations : Have a couple of AR90's somewhere but the next version (1990), beautiful sounding cassette. The 1990 version was a black cassette with a horizontal clear window, but the 1988 version looks better with it's larger clear window. Nice find indeed. I am fortunate to have an unopened 1982 TDK SA60 (Type II) still in it's original wrapper.
Shock Wave : great video also i love the nakamichi zx-7 can i have it ? jk ! nice set up baby
Константин Терлецкий : Hi, Zeddie! You actually could do sound comparison the same way as Tony from Cassette Comeback does using Youtube Royality Free music library. Then your great videos will be even better.
Toby Mummert : I really enjoy your videos! The only trouble is your voice seems to need to be louder. IDK what that problem may be. Otherwise keep making those nice videos!
grbluen : Thanks Zeddie!
Another great video!
I think I have one AR in my collection. Definitely unicorns!
Badassvidsz : Nice decks you have :-)
For the bias calibration mostly the left channel is flickering i see it in many decks
i have the Technics rs-bx707 and this thing's happening the same way like in your Nak
but the level - cal is rock-steady like also in your Nak
mostly i use the new Maxells UR 90 type 1 :
What's your opinion for them ??
Central Ohio Dipper : I wish I’d known about the TDK AR’s back in the 80’s. Would’ve been great for getting more of a type 2 sound out of a type 1. Never knew about these bake then.
Andrew Littleboy : Always love all the TDK tapes that use them hubs!

MAXELL XL II 90, BASF LP 35, BASF Ferro LH LP 35, TDK AD 90 Magnetofonové pásky Tape Tonband

MAXELL XL II 90, BASF LP 35, BASF Ferro LH LP 35, TDK AD 90 Magnetofonové pásky Tape Tonband
Badassvidsz : Cassettes and cassette decks is my favorite part of complete stereo hi-fi system but in general tapes - reel tapes also is my love there is also a mchine { i'm sure you already know that } which called ELCASET also analog for me it's like a normal cassette deck in STEROIDS haha it runs at 3.75 inch 3 and 3 quarter :
Nice video b.t.w sir :-)
Kazety a kazetové magnetofony jsou moje nejoblíbenější součástí kompletního stereo hi-fi systému, ale obecně pásky - navijáky jsou také mojí láskou, existuje také mchine (jsem si jistý, že už víte, že), který pro mě ELCASET znamená analogický, je to jako normální kazetový magnetofon ve STEROIDS haha to běží na 3,75 palce 3 a 3 čtvrtletí:
Pěkné video b.t.w pane :-)
Badassvidsz : Nice video
teslak pluto : Já bych chtěl prázdnou kazetu magnetofonovol
87475252 64567 : Ten showman chce na Aukru za maxell XLII rok 1988 499kč. To mu asi něco spadlo na hlavičku. Kazety z reálnou hodnotou 150kč. ??!!??
margaretsville : The TDK AD were the best. I wish they still made them.
Luboš Sušil : Na magnetickém materiálu cívkových pásů příliš nezáleželo. Při rychlostech 9,53 a 19,
05 šlapaly všechny dobře.
Petr Vandas : Kolik chcete za jednu audiokazetu?
Petr Vandas : Sezente mi prosím od panasoniku RX dt75,i nefunkční nebo se závadou.dík.a nebo východoněmeckou SKR 700, nebo 720.
Jiří Hladík : Kotouče Basky mám asi dvě nahrané. :-))

1979 TDK OD C-90 Cassette - Performance Test

Testing the 1979 TDK OD cassette
Mario Gambrelli : Hi Zeddie, these tapes came out before the IEC defined expected performance of cassettes, so its compatibility might be one of the issues. Also, my understanding was that if you are going to use Dolby B or C, it will be more likely to work well around 0dB. (Am I right?) At what level were your levels peaking?
Joseph Polaster : Most of my preferred recording was done with TDK SA. 90 in the 70's @ 80's because of less hiss and a crisp high. Base was not as booming as in today' music. I did hundreds of mixed tapes for friends businesses and party's. High volume clarity was important. TDK seemed to perform the best . I'm sure metal would have been better but cost and availability was an issue back then . Keep it up.
Kris Klim : Paznokcie sobie pomaluj bo straszą
Fabiano Charles : Zeddie, please! How works jvc compulink? I dont have informations. Please! Thanks!
Menace Gaming : Sounds good to me!! Unfortunately i never got a double tape deck nor the lasonic TRC-975..maybe one day..but other than that i'd love to get my hands on one of these TDK's. They seem to sound better than the maxell's i have.
Mark Barden : TDK OD was not in many shops back in 1979, let alone nowadays. They were ok, but things improved throughout the 80's and early nineties. Good video.
lFlashing : I have one of those !!
Blu-ray's 'N Vinyl : 0:42 1997 oops :)
proof that we are human and mess up the dates even when looking at it.
grbluen : Thanks Zeddie! It seems like a really nice tape. I don't have any of those in my collection. I'll have to keep an eye out for some.
Royal Howard : Excellent video, you really know your stuff. BTW, that even sounded very good on my Samsung Chromebook.




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